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The Momentum System Wall from Momentum Climbing Gym on Vimeo.

Welcome to Momentum Climbing’s introduction to training series, episode one will show you how to use the System Wall available at Momentum Millcreek. The System Wall is an adjustable-angle wall for training specific moves and grips. With three grip levels and six angle adjustments the System Wall is a great tool for progressively challenging a climber of any level. Beginning climbers can use the adjustable steepness to progressively introduce themselves to more challenging angles. Advanced climbers can use the System Wall for specific power and power-endurance exercises to address their weaknesses. Stay tuned for more episodes explaining the powerful tools Momentum Climbing has for you to take your climbing to the next level.
For training plans and personalized coaching visit: http://www.stevemaischtraining.com
For plans to build your own wall and holds to outfit it visit: http://www.atomikclimbingholds.com

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