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We created Momentum to inspire and empower climbers to reach their full potential. In our spaces you’ll find people of all walks of life and ability levels developing their skills, building friendships, having fun and becoming better climbers. Whether you are a first timer, a seasoned pro, or anyone in between, we know you’ll thrive in the Momentum community. See you at the gym!



Momentum was born from a conversation between two Utah climbers- Kevin Bradburn and Jeff Pedersen- during a day of climbing in beautiful Santaquin Canyon in the summer of 2004. The two friends were inspired by the scale, scope and professionalism of full service climbing gyms that had started to pop up in bigger cities, and like many Utah climbers during that time, they wondered what it would take to bring something comparable to the Salt Lake Valley. Kevin and Jeff soon teamed up with Momentum’s third co-founder- local climber Greg Paul- and the trio formed Momentum LLC, inviting in a handful of friend and family investors along the way. After a year long location search, Momentum Sandy got underway, and would open in the fall of 2006, being hailed as climbing gyms 2.0 at the time of its grand opening in early 2007. Since then, Momentum has gone on to create five more gyms, including expansion into Texas and Washington.

  • Momentum Sandy

    Our original gym is home to the first Walltopia climbing wall built in America. With its beautifully curved lead walls, expansive tope rope area, and crack climbing inspired by Utah’s Indian Creek, there is something here for every climber at this early forerunner of modern climbing gyms.

  • Momentum Millcreek

    Momentum Millcreek offers some of the most consistently steep climbing of any gym in the world. It also boasts the first 15 meter speed wall in America, where locals like Nathaniel Coleman, Olympic silver medalist, have been able to train for success on both a national and a world stage.

  • Momentum Lehi

    Momentum’s first bouldering-only facility is just minutes away from iconic American Fork Canyon where Momentum co-founder Jeff Pedersen helped pioneer steep sport climbing in the late 1980s/early1990s. This gym captures every angle imaginable from slab to cave climbing, and includes a large top out boulder in the center of the space. Training diehards will also find plenty of weight equipment and well as a Moon board and spray wall.

  • Momentum Katy

    This full service gym marked Momentum’s first foray into a market outside of Utah, and was also our first ground-up build. We drew on decades of indoor and outdoor climbing experience to design exciting and aesthetic climbing and bouldering walls for Texas climbers of all ages and experience levels. The gym features expansive top rope and lead climbing terrain up to 55 feet in height, cracks, a 15 meter speed wall, bouldering area, auto-belay zone and full fitness gym.

  • Momentum Silver Street

    At 43,000 square feet, this massive bouldering gym is Momentum’s largest facility so far, and is located just minutes from downtown Houston. We share a parking lot with hundreds of art studios, where local artists create using paint, clay, metal, and more. Some of these artists even display the occasional work inside our gym! We are grateful to be a part of this community and feel that our routesetters fit right in as they use climbing holds and body movement to create their own works of art.

  • Momentum Sodo

    Momentum SODO (south of downtown, Seattle) was established for the local Seattle bouldering community of climbers looking for fewer crowds and a gym with an emphasis on training. Featuring a massive Spray Wall, Kilter/Tension boards, and full cardio and fitness area.

  • Momentum Millcreek Expansion & Update

    Expanded and updated in 2020, Momentum Millcreek now offers climbers 40,000 sq ft of climbing terrain! Momentum Millcreek is the epicenter of indoor climbing in Salt Lake City.