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Adult Day Pass* $25 Age 12 and up
Child Day Pass* $18 Age 11 and under
Yoga Day Pass $10 For Yoga only
Punch Card (10 Visits)* $209 Rentals Not Included – Purchase Online
Rental Combo
Harness, Shoes, & Belay Device
Climbing Shoe Rental $6
Belay Device Rental $2 Collateral needed for rental
Harness Rental $5
Lead Certification Test $5 Requires 35m Rope
Gift Cards $# Purchase Online

* Adult & Child Day Passes & Punch Passes include full access to the facility including climbing areas, fitness equipment, and showers.
**Yoga Punch Passes available. Ask our Staff for details!
***A rope with a minimum length of 35 meters is required to complete a Lead Climbing Certification Test and/or to enjoy the featured Lead Climbing walls at Momentum Millcreek.


The best way to enjoy all that we offer is to become a member of Momentum.  Momentum members can take advantage of the following and more…

Unlimited use of any Momentum facility, whether it is across the street or across the country.
Discounts on Climbing School Offerings
Free Yoga
Free Guest Pass – up to 2 free guest passes per month.*
Member Exclusive Events 

We offer Auto-pay and Prepaid memberships.  Auto-pay memberships are billed each month on the 15th.  Those who wish to forego monthly billing can simply prepay a term membership.

*Individual Memberships get 1 Guest Pass/ Month.
*Couples/Family Memberships get 2 Guest Passes / Month

Auto-pay Memberships Enrollment Monthly Rate
Individual $59 $84
Family of Two** $59 $144
Family of Three** $59 $166
Family of Four** $59 $188
Family of Five or More** $59 $210
Prepaid Memberships Term Prepaid Rate
Individual 1 /12 Month $143 / $999
Family of Two or Couple** 12 Month $1,728
Family of Three** 12 Month $1,992
Family of Four** 12 Month $2,256
Family of Five or More** 12 Month $2,520

*Enrollment for Auto-pay Memberships: A one time payment made during sign-up. Students & Military receive a waived Enrollment with valid ID.
**Family Membership: Any combination of significant others and/or their dependent children age 18 and younger who are all living at the same address. Proof of same residence may be requested during enrollment. Members 3+ must be dependents age 18 and younger.

How to Freeze Your Membership 

Momentum members with regular auto-pay billing are allowed to Freeze their membership as often as they like.  This allows members to pause their membership billing until they are able to resume climbing again.  A small monthly fee of $10 assessed for each month the membership remains frozen.  Unfortunately, youth program membership and prepaid memberships may not be frozen.

All membership Freeze requests must be submitted by the 10th to become effective for the next billing date.  Your membership will remain active until the next billing date, at which point the Freeze request will take effect.  For example, a Freeze request received on December 25 will take effect on January 15.  A Freeze request received on January 13 will take effect on February 15.

Click here to Freeze or Unfreeze your membership.

How to Make Changes to or Cancel Your Membership

Members may make changes to their membership online or in person at any of our locations.  The following types of change requests may be submitted online:

  • Update my contact information
  • Update my billing information on account
  • Cancel or reverse a cancellation of my membership

All cancellation requests must be submitted by the 10th to become effective for the next billing date.  Your membership will remain active until the next billing date, at which point the cancellation request will take effect.  Change requests may be submitted at any time.

Click here to Make Changes to or Cancel Your Membership.

2 Week Trial – $39

Get started in the exciting sport of climbing with this instruction and membership package. Our two week trial membership is designed to give you what you need for a successful start to your climbing journey! In addition to a two week all access membership is a 90 minute “Learn to Climb” class to teach you the fundamental movement skills needed to excel in rock climbing. All climbing gear is provided during this membership package.

Come explore the sport of climbing alongside your Utah climbing community!


Momentum Millcreek is the perfect place to host large groups, parties, and events. We typically schedule events for 2 hour sessions and admission includes full access to the facility.

Please check with our staff at the front desk for further information or reservations or email us at MillcreekGroups@momentumclimbing.com

Included With Booking
2.5 hour session
Gym & Bouldering Orientation for climbers
Rental Harnesses
Booking Guide
Group Size 8-15 16-25 26+
Reservation & Deposit Required
Single session reservations Online Online Call or Email
Multi session program reservations Call or Email Call or Email Call or Email
Mon-Fri 8AM-3:30PM $16/climber $16/climber $16/climber
Mon-Fri 8PM-11PM $18/climber
Sat/Sun 6pm-10pm $18/climber $18/climber
Number of belayers needed 2-3 4-5 6+

Things to know before you book a session:

  • Reservations must be made 14 days in advance. Is your date less than 14 days away? Email us at MillcreekGroups@MomentumClimbing.com.
  • We require a $50 deposit at the time of booking.
  • We request a minimum ratio of 1 belayer for every 5 climbers.
  • We can train people 12 yrs old and up how to Top Rope belay or you can hire Momentum staff. Instruction takes 30-60 minutes.
  • What is belaying and who can do it?
    • Belaying is controlling the opposite end of the rope your climbing partner is on, using friction to ensure they are safe and supported in the event of a fall or while lowering from the wall. Belayers must be at least 12 years old and certified prior to belaying. Visit our Classes” Page for more information.
  • Final payment must be made as a single transaction on the day of your event.
  • Every visitor must have a waiver on file.
Optional Add-Ons
Belay Lesson (ages 12+) Free – By Special Request
Momentum Staff Instructors/Belayers $50/belayer – limited availability
Rental Climbing Shoes $3/pair
Multi-purpose Room Rental $75 – limited availability