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We accommodate all physical abilities and welcome the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. Please email in advance if you have specific accommodations we can help prepare for. millcreek@momentumclimbing.com

Here’s What to Do!

  • STEP 1: Fill out a Waiver!
    All visitors, even the ones just planning to spectate, are required to fill out a waiver. Persons must be 18 or older to fill out their own waiver. Legal Guardians must fill out waivers for kids and teens under 18.
  • STEP 2: Get Top Rope Belay Certified!
    • If you only plan on bouldering you will not need to worry about this step!
    • If you plan to climb on ropes you will need to be belay certified. If you already know how to Top Rope belay, all you need to do is get certified at our front desk. If you are totally new at climbing, we offer Learn to Belay Classes every other hour. Pick a time that works best for your party here. *Class includes price of day pass and rentals. 
      • *Top Rope Belayers must be 12+ years of age. Climbers can be any age.
    • If you are an experienced climber but new to the gym: Lead Climbing requires a 35meter rope, certification, and ability to climb a 5.10 test route.
      • *Lead climbers/belayers must be 14+ years of age.
  • STEP 3: Enjoy your day!
    • Our day pass is valid all day so feel free to leave for lunch and come back for round 2! Or check out another location! Be sure to tag us in your photos and videos for a chance to win swag! @momentumclimbingutah #momentummillcreek 
  • STEP 4: Come Back and SAVE!
    • If you enjoyed your visit and want to climb again,  stop by the front desk on your way out and sign up for our 2 Week Trial! There are no contracts or commitments, just two weeks of unlimited climbing at an awesome price!


Learn To Belay

Learn to Top Rope Belay at Momentum! This 60 minute introductory course will teach you the basics of climbing at Momentum including climbing knots, top rope belay techniques, facility tour, equipment use, route selection, and bouldering.

*Already know how to belay? You don’t have to take this class! Just come to the gym and request a belay test. However, this class is the only way to learn top rope belay at Momentum Indoor Climbing.

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Learn To Climb

Are you new to climbing and just trying to decide if the sport is right for you? Learn to Climb is your entry to learn the basics of climbing! This class is designed to introduce you to the sport and get you on the right track to learning how to climb with proper movement and technique.

During the instructor-led Learn to Climb class you will receive an overview of basic rock climbing movement and technique, essential gear to get started, and an understanding of how to succeed as a new climber. All climbing gear is provided during this instructional course.

*Participants must be top rope belay certified prior to taking the Learn To Climb class.

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Group Instruction & Events

Momentum Millcreek is the perfect place to host large groups, parties, and events. We typically schedule events for 2 hour sessions and admission includes full access to the facility.

Popular additional services for groups include group training in our Learn To Boulder Class. Please check with our staff at the front desk for further information for reservations or email us at MillcreekGroups@momentumclimbing.com



Adult Day Pass* $25 Age 12 and up
Child Day Pass* $18 Age 11 and under
Yoga Day Pass $10 For Yoga only
Punch Card (10 Visits)* $209 Purchase Online
Rental Combo
Harness, Shoes, & Belay Device
$10 Age 12 and up
Climbing Shoe Rental $6  
Belay Device Rental $2 Collateral needed for rental
Harness Rental $5  
Lead Certification Test $5 Requires 35m Rope


Find answers to our most commonly asked questions here!

What's the Difference Between Bouldering / Top Rope / Lead Climbing?

Bouldering is climbing up to 15ft (in gym) off the ground without the use of ropes or climbing gear. Pads are provided throughout the bouldering areas and participation in a Safety Orientation is required prior to climbing. This type of climbing is available to climbers of any skill level and does not require a partner. 

Top Roping is climbing up to 50ft (in gym) on a rope that is already attached to the top of the wall while being belayed by a certified partner below. This type of climbing is available to climbers of any skill level and requires a partner(s). Belay certification is required prior to climbing. Belay Classes are offered daily, visit a location’s “classes” page for more information or to sign up.

Lead Climbing refers to climbing on our full height walls in areas that do not already have a rope attached at the top. Unlike Top Roping, Lead climbers must bring the rope with them as they progress up the wall. Leading is an advanced form of climbing and not recommended until you have a strong Top Rope climbing foundation. Lead Certification is required prior to leading in our gyms. Lead Classes are offered several times a month at our rope gyms, please review the requirements prior to signing up for this class on a location’s “classes” page.

  • Please note:
    • Momentum Lehi, SODO, and Silver Street are Bouldering Only gyms.
      Momentum Millcreek, Sandy, and Katy offer both Rope Climbing and Bouldering.
    • We do not allow anyone other than Momentum employees to provide belay instruction inside our gyms. 

What do I need to bring?

If you have your own climbing gear (shoes, harness, etc) you are welcome to bring them.

  • Some types of climbing equipment are not permitted at Momentum, check with our friendly staff for more information. 

Rental Equipment (shoes, harness, belay device) is available at the Front Desk.

  • Close-toed street shoes are permitted instead of climbing shoes, but climbing shoes will provide a better experience! We do not allow climbing with bare feet or in just socks.
  • Chalk is available for purchase at most gyms.

Lead Climbing Ropes are not provided or available for rent.

  • Minimum 35 meter dynamic rope required for lead climbing.

We also recommend general workout attire: comfortable/flexible/stretchy clothing. 

What if I already know how to belay?

If you are an experienced belayer, you can certify at the front desk by demonstrating your Top Rope belay proficiency without any help or reminders from our staff or your climbing partner.

  • If you do not pass the certification test, you can sign up for our Learn to Belay class, offered daily. Or you may choose to boulder only.
  • Lead Climb and Belay certification tests are subject to staff availability and may require a fee. Partners are not provided.

What if I have been certified before, but need a refresher?

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport.
Your safety and that of your partner depend on your ability to belay properly. If you are unable or uncertain if you could pass a belay test, we highly encourage you to sign up for our Learn to Belay class.

Safety first! This class is free for members and available to customers for a small fee. 

  • We do not allow anyone other than Momentum employees to provide belay instruction inside our gyms. 

Do you provide belay partners?

We will do our best to help you find a partner in the gym, but cannot guarantee anyone will be available to partner with you.  We strongly recommend you coordinate with a partner prior to visiting.

  • Partner boards and online partner group finders are available at most locations, ask our friendly staff for details.
  • Don’t forget! Minimum belay age requirements are 12+ for Top Rope and 14+ for Leading.

How tall are the walls?

Bouldering walls range from 10-15 linear feet

  • Kids walls range from 5-10 linear feet
  • Pads are provided for all bouldering areas

Our rope walls range from 30 – 55 linear feet

  • Top Ropes are provided
  • Lead Ropes are not provided and are not available for rent (min 35meter dynamic rope required to lead)

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