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Momentum is known for creating adventurous youth programs and camps that foster self-discovery and exploration through a variety of activities both on and off the climbing wall. Our classes are designed with a progression format so no matter your age or ability there is always something new to learn!

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MO MINI: Age 3-7
Kids are natural born climbers; let your child’s inner monkey grow!

We focus on teaching your Mini the fun of climbing through games and activities to help them work towards developmental milestones; shaping a foundation of movement for climbing and other physical pursuits

Mo Mini 1
– (ages 3-4) – SEASONAL – Kids attend without their parent, learning about climbing movement within the care of Momentum coaches.  Meet 1x per week in 1-hr classes for 12 weeks

Mo Mini 2 – (ages 5-7) – SEASONAL – Slightly older “minis” attend a longer class, learning about climbing movement within the care of Momentum coaches.  Meet 1x per week in 1.5-hr classes for 12 weeks


BASE CAMP: Age 8-11
Fun happens while learning, hanging and belonging.

Base Camp is designed for kids ages 8-11 to meet twice a week for climbing in a supportive, team building structure with a non-competitive atmosphere. Ideal for kids just getting into climbing who want to build confidence and gain new skills while having fun.

Base Camp 1 – (ages 8-11) – SEASONAL – Fun, recreational program for beginners to intermediate climbers introducing the sport of climbing. Kids learn the basics of vertical movement through drills and games. Meets 1x per week in 2-hr classes for 12 weeks.

Base Camp 2 – (ages 8-11) YEAR ROUND – Meets twice a week and is coached in an engaging and fun environment. Base Camp 2 is for climbers who love the sport and want to increase their skills, fitness, and confidence as a climber.


YOUTH CLUB: Ages 12-18
Where the future climber begins to take shape.

Youth Club is for all skill levels. We meet twice a week in a healthy social environment with coaching and technical instruction. Ideal for youth that want to learn to climb indoors while also enjoying additional outdoor opportunities with fellow club members.

Youth Club 1 – (ages 12-18) – SEASONAL – Fun, recreational program for teens and preteens introducing the sport of climbing.  The basics of vertical technique are introduced in a social, non-competitive atmosphere. Meet 1x per week in 2-hr classes for 12 weeks.

Youth Club 2 – (ages 12-18) – YEAR-ROUND – Minimum one season in Youth Club 1 required. For youth climbers who have gained proficiency in Youth Club 1, and wish to climb year round 2x per week. Boosts confidence, fitness, and technical skills. Meets 2x per week in 2-hr classes, year round.

Advanced Youth Club – (ages 12-18) – YEAR-ROUND – Youth Program Manager Recommendation Required. For experienced youth climbers wishing to make climbing a lifelong sport through year-round participation. Meets 2x per week in 2.5-hr classes, year round.


Ignite and develop your full potential through our unwavering motivation in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Success does not arrive as a happy accident but as the product of our distinct understanding of purpose. Our supportive team environment creates a unique experience as our climbers learn to compete, perform, and win as USA Climbing athletes.

Competitive program athletes compete throughout the country as part of the USA Climbing local, regional, divisional and national series.

Team Momentum is built in 4 distinct levels:
Pre-Team – Ages 7-8 – Learning to Compete

Tier 1 – Development Team – Learning to Compete
Tier 2 – Advanced Team – Competing to Perform
Tier 3 – Elite Team – Performing to Win

Pre-Team meets 2-3x per week in 2-hr classes
$189/month for 2 days, $239/month for 3 days  [Momentum Membership Required]

Development/Advanced Team meets 3-4x per week in 2.5-hr classes
$259/month for 3 days, $289/month for 4 days [Momentum Membership Required]

Elite Team meets 4x per week in 2.5-hr classes
$299/month [Momentum Membership Required]

USA Climbing Website

Tryouts will be held on an individual gym basis each competitive season. Email youthprograms@momentumclimbing.com for more information.




AGES 4-16



AGES 4-16