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Learn To Belay

Learn to Top Rope Belay at Momentum! This 60 minute introductory course will teach you the basics of climbing at Momentum including climbing knots, top rope belay techniques, facility tour, equipment use, route selection, and bouldering.

*Already know how to belay? You don’t have to take this class! Just come to the gym and request a belay test. However, this class is the only way to learn top rope belay at Momentum Indoor Climbing.

Covid Specific:

  • Booking our Learn to Belay class includes access to the gym for a full 2 hour reservation period. No other visit reservation is required for class participants.
  • For the safety of our instructors, class participants will be asked to wear their face mask for the duration of the class, including during practice climbs on the wall.
  • You may be paired with another student during the class but a minimum of 6ft of distance will be maintained between you and other individuals not from your household.
  • Rental equipment is included in the class.

Class Requirements:

  • All participants must be at least 12+ years old
  • Release of Liability Form (Waivers) are required for all participants. Waivers for participants age 17 and under must be signed by a parent or document legal guardian. Click here for our waiver


  • FREE for members
  • $29 + tax for non member, day pass and rentals included

How to Climb 5.10

This grade marks the beginning of intermediate climbing! Everybody loves these grades. Experienced climbers use them to warm up and novice climbers enjoy working them out! Once you climb 5.10 you can break into the wide world of lead climbing at Momentum.

Crack Climbing

Crack Climbing is unlike any other form of climbing! Crack climbing technique is a vital skill for well rounded climbers. Instead of climbing what is there (holds), you’re climbing on what isn’t there–the space in between! The world of crack climbing is immensely varied and highly individualized. Let our expert instructors show you the way!

Learn to Lead

When you learn to lead climb you open up a whole new world of climbing terrain and routes to explore. Our lead climbing instructors will help you learn to lead quickly and safely, with good habits you can apply to harder and harder routes as your skill develops.

Lead Climbing Strategies

Lead Climbing is challenging! In this 2 hour course we teach strategies and tactics to aid in your success as a lead climber. We cover a wide range of topics such as over gripping, risk management & effective body positioning to support your goals as a capable and confident climber!

Private Lead Climbing Instruction

Our lead climbing instructors will quickly teach you to lead safely with good habits that you can apply to harder and harder routes as your skill develops. Students will be coached on proper clipping, belaying, belayer positioning, rope management and safe lead practices. We will help you stay safe while you are leading and show you how to give a safe “soft catch” belay to any partner you rope up with.



Working one-on-one with a coach is the best way advance your climbing! Your session will start with a skills evaluation where your coach will identify what areas of your technique may need improvement. From there, you and your coach will work together to bring these areas up to par so you can accomplish your goals.

Personal Instruction can be used to refine bouldering skills, sharpen redpoint tactics, prepare for a competition or upcoming outdoor adventure, or just to increase your power and endurance. No matter what you are looking for; we can help! Working with our talented coaches will help you reach your goals more quickly and save you time and energy!

Personal instruction can be booked in blocks of 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.

To schedule your first session email climbingschool@momentumclimbing.com

Stop by the front desk at Momentum Sandy to learn more.


Instructors are creating work outs that target general strength and conditioning aiding climbers and non climbers alike. Every member has free access to our group fitness classes.

No registration necessary! Show up for class and get your sweat on!
Stop by the front desk at Momentum Sandy to learn more.



Find your center of gravity, you’ll need it for that slab problem.  Momentum Sandy offers a variety of Yoga classes throughout the year including, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow, and Yoga Basics. See the Yoga calendar below for current class times.

Momentum Sandy Yoga classes are subject to change based on season, and may not be offered at times.  Regular yoga classes are free to Momentum Members.