How to Participate

  1. Download the KAYA Climbing App and create a user profile
  2. Once your profile is created within KAYA visit the payment portal to register for the League with KAYACLIMB.COM
  3. Find the League Challenge at your home gym
      • You can use the “search” function in the KAYA app and type “Momentum League”
      • So long as you’ve registered through the website, you’re all set to join the League!
  4. Register for the League as a New Team, Join an Existing Team, or sign up as a Free Agent
  5. $20 per person to participate, paid through KAYACLIMB.COM.


  • Teams are composed of 2 – 4 competitors per team
  • Teams must pick to compete in either the TOP ROPE or LEAD League Challenge.
    • No “mixed” teams! 
  • League routes will be set each Monday and the occasional Tuesday with climbing available as soon as the setting crew finishes up (typically around 5pm). 
  • Teams can pick a day to compete together, but it is possible to score routes on your own.
  • Competitors may climb and earn points across multiple sessions.
  • Competitors have up to 14 days to earn points on league routes
  • Climbing will begin on July 5th and last for 6 weeks, wrapping on Sunday August 15th.


  • The KAYA app will be used for all scoring.
  • Competitors simply “tick” sends to score points
    • Be sure to record the number of attempts on the route!
  • Scoring utilizes a handicap system, which is designed to allow climbers of any ability level to compete (read more below)
  • Only the top 3 climbs are counted toward the individual’s weekly total. Scoring is updated in real-time!
    • Scoring is averaged to allow teams of different sizes to compete against each other
  • Sending routes above your handicap rewards a higher score.
  • Sending routes below your handicap rewards a lower score.
  • *Sending – means to finish a route from start to finish without falling or weighting the rope.
  • * Flash – means to finish or “send” a route from start to finish on your first attempt, even if you have prior knowledge of “beta” of the route.
  • Honors system: It goes without saying – be honest when entering your sends within KAYA. Anyone found to be cheating can be eliminated from the League without a refund! If you have any issues or need support with scoring please contact us at:

Handicap System

  • The handicap system is designed to reward personal climbing growth and achievement while prioritizing team camaraderie in a fun environment.
  • Each competitor will set their personal handicap when they register for the league within KAYA. 
  • Your handicap is the route grade in which you can consistently redpoint within a single session.
  • Handicaps can change throughout the course of the league. In fact, one of the goals of the league is to help improve your climbing in a team environment. Don’t stress too much about getting your handicap correct in week one. KAYA (our benevolent A.I.) will monitor your progress and adjust your handicap as necessary. Handicaps can be adjusted to account for any grade inflation or “sandbagging” that occurs.

More questions? Email us at: