Learn to Boulder

Get the Basics and Climb for a Day

Are you new to climbing and belaying or has it been long enough that you’ve forgotten how it’s done? Learn to Boulder is just what you need to jump start your climbing.   In this 60 minute course learn all you need to know to get started with this tremendous sport!

Enrollment in the class includes gym admission (climb as much as you like after the instruction!) and shoe rental!

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Learn to Climb at Momentum

Includes a 2-Week Trial Membership

Get started in the exciting sport of climbing with this instruction and membership package. This class is similar to the Learn to Belay course, with an additional 2-hours of climbing technique instruction and a 2-week trial Momentum membership, for only $30 more than the cost of Experience Climbing!

During the instructor-led Learn to Climb class you will receive an overview of basic rock climbing gear and its proper use as well as individualized instruction in belaying and climbing on an indoor climbing wall at Momentum Lehi.  All climbing gear is provided during this instructional course. Once you complete the Learn to Climb course, you will be cleared to start your 2-week membership at Momentum and continue to explore the sport alongside your Utah climbing community!

Instruction Booking and Schedule


Become a Momentum Climber

Expand your skills! Choose from the following classes to help your path to climbing mastery!

How to Boulder V3

Supercharge Your Progress

V3 is often considered the first major milestone in the progression into intermediate bouldering and things can get complicated! Advancing through this grade requires good judgment in selecting holds, route reading, and movement. In this two hour class you will learn strategy and techniques that will help you through this benchmark goal!

How to Boulder V5

Conquer Advanced Bouldering

Many climbers get stuck at this grade. To climb V5 requires sound technique, movement skills, and proper bouldering strategies. These abilities are what separate the advanced boulders from the rest of the crowd! In this 2 hour class learn what it takes to climb v5 and bust the plateau!


Working one-on-one with a coach is the best way advance your climbing! Your session will start with a skills evaluation where your coach will identify what areas of your technique may need improvement. From there, you and your coach will work together to bring these areas up to par so you can accomplish your goals. Personal Instruction can be used to refine bouldering skills, sharpen redpoint tactics, prepare for a competition or upcoming outdoor adventure, or just to increase your power and endurance. No matter what you are looking for; we can help! Working with our talented coaches will help you reach your goals more quickly and save you time and energy!

Instruction Booking and Schedule