• Effective January 13th, billing will resume as normal for all SODO autopay members who were active before the state mandated closure. If you want your membership to remain frozen, you must submit a freeze request by filling out this form. Monthly freeze fees will resume upon reopening. 
  • If you were frozen before the state mandated closure, or you have since submitted a freeze request, your membership will not be unfrozen. 
    • If you are not sure about your membership status but know you want to remain frozen for the foreseeable future, don’t hesitate to submit an online freeze request just in case.
  • The monthly freeze fee of $10 (which was waived during the closure) will be reinstated on January 15th for all frozen memberships. Any credits on your account will be applied to the monthly $10 freeze fee until such time the credit is exhausted or you unfreeze.
  • You will not see a unique charge for dues on January 13th. Instead, the prorated dues for January 13th and 14th will be added on to your regularly scheduled dues which will bill on January 15th. 
  • Credits from the November 15th dues will be applied to your account for the January 15th and, if appropriate, subsequent billing dates. Think of this as in-store credit. When we run billing, we will deduct from any credits on your account before charging the billing information we have on file. These dues will not be applied as credits if you have completed the donation opt in form (thank you!).
  • All prepaid memberships will also be reinstated on January 13th. The days that were lost during our closure will be added to the end of your membership, extending the expiration date accordingly. 
  • If you have not already done so, please consider opting in to donate your November credit. Simply fill out the form located at this link and instead of applying a credit to your January dues, you will be billed as normal. Your support will continue to help us as we get our operation back on track! 

If you have any questions about billing please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.