Registration is on a first come/first serve basis. We recommend registering as early as possible to secure a spot.  

If you are willing to travel to another Houston Momentum location, you can consider registering at an alternative location if the week you are interested in is full at your preferred location.

If the week you want to register for is full, we allow a limited number of flex spots with an additional fee. Please contact the gyms Youth Program Manager if you would like to register for a class that is full.

Unfortunately no, Momentum is not set up to provide any additional care before or after our summer camps.
Momentum is an inclusive community.  It is our goal that each child at camp has a successful and healthy experience – socially, emotionally, and physically.  If your child has additional needs, please contact your gym’s youth program manager so we can help ensure your child’s success. Examples include: Learning difficulties or instructions better understood when given a specific way, extra notification or supervision before/while transitioning between activities, significant anxiety about being away from home/parents, significant social difficulties in group settings.  
Monday through Thursday we provide a light snack.  On Fridays, we have a pizza party to celebrate the last day of camp. You are always welcome to pack your child extra snacks or a lunch!

Please visit our Momentum employment page for more information

  • Check in begins 15 minutes before camp begins
  • Warm up, traversing, games
  • Climbing: bouldering or ropes
  • Snack
  • Games/special activity/climbing
  • Stretching and awards
  • Pick up
  • Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the start of camp. Please avoid dropping children off prior to 15 minutes before camp as staff may not be available to watch them.
  • Due to high volumes of patrons in the gym, we ask that you please come inside the gym each day to sign you child in and out of camp.

If your child loses an item while at Momentum, please have the coaching staff help you check the gyms Lost and Found bins before or after practice. If it is after the practice is over that you realize an item is missing, please check with the front desk. Momentum is not responsible for any items that go missing.

  • A water bottle
  • If your child has their own climbing gear, they are welcome to use it. Otherwise we provide all necessary equipment during instruction.
  • A willingness to participate, learn and have fun!
  • Electronics (iPods, Cell Phone, iPads, handheld games, etc)
  • Please do not send any fake weapons or toys with your child’s costumes
Rock climbing, like baseball or soccer, is an active sport and scrapes and bumps are not uncommon. It is our job to ensure that minor injuries are handled with care. Blisters are not uncommon on the hands and feet when learning to climb. If you see blisters on your child, please help communicate these hot spots to the coaches so they can help keep your climber comfortable.
Traditionally, climbing shoes are worn barefoot, but socks can help cut back on blisters when climbing shoes are worn for long periods of time. In the unlikely event of a major medical concern parents will be contacted immediately by program staff.
Skin care is important to new climbers. You are using a new part of your body to hold yourself on vertical terrain and it takes time for skin to develop climbing calluses. Everyone’s body produces moisture differently, and sweaty hands can be the difference of success and failure in climbing. For a beginner climber, developing your first set of calluses is a major milestone.Tips and tricks:

  • Chalk can help! Momentum encourages the use of a chalk ball in a chalk bag for new climbers.
  • Pay attention to your hands after each climb, if the skin feels hot and/or turns red it might be an indication that it’s time to stop climbing for the day and let the calluses begin to form.
  • Keep hands clean and hydrated- wash hands free of chalk immediately after climbing and use oil based moisturizers regularly.
  • If you develop blisters and flappers (when a blister pops and leaves a flap of skin) use a small bit of tape over affected area while on the climbing wall to prevent further damage.

Unfortunately due to the volume of participants in most weeks of camp, we do not permit makeup days if your child is absent.  Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine if a refund is warranted.

If your child has an injury or medical emergency and is unable to participate please contact your facilities Youth Program Manager.

The health and safety of your child is very important to us.  Parents will be contacted immediately if an important medical concern arises during camp.  It is our job to ensure that minor injuries (we use a lot of bandaids during camp) are handled with care.  Blisters do occur on the hands and feet when learning to climb.  If you see blisters, let the counselors know so they can help keep your camper comfortable throughout the day.  Traditionally, climbing shoes are worn barefoot, but socks can help cut back on blisters when climbing shoes are worn for long periods of time.

– Sibling Discount: (Discount applies after one full price registration, $20 off each additional registration)