Learn to Belay

Get the Basics and Climb for a Day

Are you new to climbing and belaying or has it been long enough that you’ve forgotten how it’s done? Momentum’s Learn to Belay class is the perfect place to start! Participants will receive 60 minutes of instruction which includes a Momentum facility tour (with bouldering and autobelay orientation), a top rope lesson which covers proper harness fit, figure eight follow through knots, and top rope belay instruction. At the end of the class, participants will have the opportunity to become top rope belay certified. This class is taught with 1 instructor for every 10 participants.

Enrollment in the class includes gym admission (climb as much as you like after the instruction!) and also harness, shoe, and belay device rental!

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Get started in the exciting sport of climbing with this group lesson. In this 90-minute class you will receive an overview of basic rock climbing technique to get you more comfortable on the wall. All climbing gear is provided during this instructional course. Ask about our 2-Week membership!

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Become a Momentum Climber

How To Climb 5.10

Supercharge your Climbing

This grade marks the beginning of intermediate climbing! Everybody loves these grades. Experienced climbers use them to warm up and novice climbers enjoy working them out! Once you climb 5.10 you can break into the wide world of lead climbing at Momentum.

How to Boulder V3

Supercharge Your Progress

V3 is often considered the first major milestone in the progression into intermediate bouldering and things can get complicated! Advancing through this grade requires good judgment in selecting holds, route reading, and movement. In this two hour class you will learn strategy and techniques that will help you through this benchmark goal!

Learn to Lead

 Learning Lead Climb & Lead Belay

Think you’ve tried it all? Think again. If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that there is ALWAYS something new to learn! Expand your knowledge and renew your excitement to learn and grow as a climber. We offer programs that will teach you how to lead climb, rappel, and climb those intimidating cracks! Fine-tune your abilities with our Personal Training and learn about injury prevention as well as cross training for other sports.

How To Climb 5.12

Enter the World of Advanced Climbing

How to climb 5.12! This grade is the hallmark of strong, capable climbers. These grades become impossible without sound technique and a degree of experience. This class is appropriate for all 5.11 climbers no matter where you are at on the spectrum. Must be Lead Certified at Momentum.

Instruction Booking and Schedule