Masks are no longer required in UT/TX regions, but you are welcome to wear one while in the facility.

Reservations are no longer required.

Capacity is being monitored at every location. 

We have increased our cleaning contractors visits and they are cleaning the gyms seven nights a week after closure. In addition, our staff is constantly on the prowl with a rag and disinfectant spray to wipe down high touch surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, and water fountains. We will also be adding additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the gyms to make sure you are always only a few steps away from Covid-Killing-Goo!

We are increasingly optimistic throughout our regions as numbers continue to trend in the right direction.  If the spread of the virus and reported cases continue to decrease and the state is able to continue to ease the restrictions on gatherings and business then hopefully this is the first step on our path back to normal operations. If there ends up being a resurgence in cases though, we might have to continue a limited operation or even restrict things further. That is why, more than ever, we need to follow the rules, support and adhere to the restrictions given to us by the state, and be kind and supportive of one another. A second outbreak that closes down Momentum and other climbing gyms would be devastating! Please help be a part of the solution!

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