Men’s Beginner Category

For questions on scoring, please contact Sydney Smith,  General Manager:

Place Name Total
1 Kay, Richard 284.3
2 Gonzales-Luna, Noel 268.9
3 Broussard, Trevor 264.5
4 Hunt, Josh 239.6
5 Trimino, Giovanni 229.7
6 Chastain, Ryan Taylor 229.4
7 Elliott, Matt (Katy) 224.1
8 Music, Shey 219.9
9 Balderas, Jordan C 204.5
10 Avelar, Eddie 203.9
11 Moore, Marcus R 199.9
12 Rouhana, Serge 199.8
13 Ray, Randy Allen 184.7
14 Garcia, Steven 179.7
15 Hickman, Miles 169.3
16 Osorio, Alexander B 154.7
17 Moser, Michael Alexander 128.9
18 Salazar, Jesus E 50


This year, we had a large number of competitors in the beginner category compete exceptionally well–over a dozen tying with a perfect score  across the Male and Female categories, and even more with near-perfect scores.

We made the game-time decision to “bump” anybody who flashed 8 or more problems (this ‘bump criteria’ is specific to this scenario). We did our best as score cards were being turned in to offer folks who were going to be bumped the opportunity to compete in the afternoon ‘Intermediate’ category. Many did, and their scores can be found in the respective category. Those who did not, or who we weren’t able to offer the opportunity, are listed below.

We think a combination of factors contributed to this result. Firstly, many competitors underestimated their strength  and conservatively placed themselves in ‘Beginner’, while ‘Intermediate’ would have been more appropriate. We take some responsibility on this front:  last year, we received feedback that our beginner category was extremely  difficult, and this year, we set with that feedback in mind. We think (and heard from the community) that many  people placed themselves in ‘Beginner’, anticipating harder problems given their experience from last year. It’s  also possible that we over-corrected a bit and delivered a set that was slightly easier than intended.

While several factors may have been at play, we  ultimately regret that this happened, and we’re sure everybody would  prefer to see a more competitive spread in points. We thank everybody who competed, and thank those who were bumped for their understanding and patience. And to those who were bumped – CONGRATS on crushing the beginner category ;).

We hope everybody still had a good time. Please know we’ve put thought into this, and we’ll use this experience to guide us in future competitions.

For any feedback, complaints, etc. please reach out to Sydney  Smith, General Manager:

Agha, Adam M (Katy)
Anderson, David
Belden, Jason (Katy)
Bollato, Anthony
Breaux, Julian
Budreau, Tyler
Cai, Jeffrey (Katy)
Cambio, Brandon
Dong, Travis
Dufrene, Corey
Harbuck, Ryan (Katy)
Jaques, Ryan (Katy)
Johnson, Michael Walter
Khan, Saad
Laurel, Derek V
Lugo, Erik
Naids, Adam
Newman, Sam
Nguyen, Michael
OConnell, Patrick (Katy)
Oyer, Zachary D (Katy)
Ramirez, Jesse
Salem, Ahmed
Sek, Christopher
Smith, Kyle A (Katy)
Stewart, Shane McCormick
Torres-Aponte, Diego A
Tran, Chris
Tran, Thanh Cong
Wilke, Eric
Williams, Jacob Christopher (Katy)
Williams, Wayne
Aguilar, Pablo (Katy)
Ross, Emmanuel Jose
Steinthal, Loic H
Weinstein, Ty